Writing the next chapter of The Peck School’s history

Message from our Head of School, Andy Delinsky

Dear Friends,

I’m thrilled with the progress we've made with The Peck Promise: The Campaign for Excellence | Elevated. Especially at this moment in time and in my tenure as Head of School, this phrase truly strikes a chord with me. In many ways, I see the fulfillment of our ambitious campaign goals as a promise to current Peck students and families, as well as to future generations to ensure Peck retains and only builds upon its commitment to excellence.

This journey actually began several years ago, when we engaged in a strategic planning process that focused on improving what is happening in the classroom—truly engaging our students, bolstering our math and science programs, strengthening the arts program, and underlying everything we do, enhancing community.

The resulting Strategic Plan then served as the blueprint as we embarked on a Master Planning process. We gave our architects the direction to create spaces for design thinking and complex problem solving, and to fully leverage every square foot of existing space before even thinking of building anything new. Perhaps most importantly, we needed to ensure that everything we did was rooted in the academic program. They came up with a plan to completely reinvent our campus while remaining true to our time-honored traditions, and we are thrilled to see our new and reimagined spaces as a result of this important work.

And so our promise to you is that as we continue along this exciting path that The Peck Promise Campaign has paved for us, we will keep our students at the center of everything we do while only elevating the sense of excellence for which Peck stands. While we embrace change and look forward to our great future, the heart of Peck remains the same.

With deepest gratitude,

Update from our Campaign Co-Chairs, Carrie Kurtzman and David Welsh

Dear Friends,
When we took on the roles of co-chairs of The Peck Promise: The  Campaign for Excellence Elevated in 2017, we wouldn’t have believed that we’d be writing to you in the spring of 2020 having crossed the $13 million fundraising mark. And yet, here we are.

What followed our taking on these roles has been nothing short of extraordinary. We’ve been humbled, time and again, by the commitment and sacrifice that Peck families (past and present) have made to ensure the success of this campaign. We’ve been awed at the changes that have unfolded at our school in a relatively short period of time.

With every performance in the new multipurpose space, every meal in the dining hall, every experiment in the science labs, and every game of tag on the quad, we are reminded of the remarkable undertakings of innumerable people to get it all done. We are a team of hundreds of donors to this campaign, led by our visionary Head of School Andy Delinsky, who has committed thousands of hours to telling the campaign story and garnering your support.

We are deeply grateful to departing Board President Jamie Foley ’85 for his leadership and counsel during the course of the campaign. Jamie’s dedication to Peck is unmatched, and his friendship is invaluable. We are beyond excited to work with our fantastic new Board President, Dr. Suba Shah, to close out the campaign with vigor.

Though the campus is polished, our work isn’t done yet. We are honored that nearly 70 percent of current parents have donated to the campaign, and we’re aiming for the support of each and every member of the Peck community. Every dollar raised has gone directly to funding our campus transformation, and every additional dollar raised will help offset the school’s longterm financing, which covers the true cost of our work.

We’ll continue our efforts to fund this transformative endeavor through June 30, 2020. This summer, two-plus years since the public launch that catapulted this campaign forward and made possible the beautiful Peck home we enjoy today, we will officially bring The Peck Promise Campaign to its end.

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, for giving back to the school we love and ensuring an ever-elevated Peck experience for our students, now and for generations to come.

With deepest gratitude,

Campaign Co-Chairs

Carrie Kurtzman
David Welsh

Committee Members

Melissa and Jeffrey Bartoli
Holly and Norman Brown, Jr.
Andrew Delinsky, Head of School
Kristen and Joseph DiPasquale
Edward J. Foley IV ‘85, President, Board of Trustees
Kimberly and Daniel Honeker
Bradley Kurtzman
Meghan Lyon
Janet and J.D. Pearce
Elizabeth Pryma
Alison and Charles Sorrentino

Grandparent Chair

Betty Marsh (P ’85, ’89 GP ’18, ’21, ’21, ’23)

Past Parent Co-Chairs

Janet Simon (P ‘00, ‘03, ‘05, ‘08)
Lisa Thebault (P ‘01, ‘03, ‘06, ‘10)

Questions?  To find out how you can be part of The Peck Promise Campaign, contact Lauren Spirig, Campaign Director, at 973-539-8660 x135 or lspirig@peckschool.org.

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