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Peck’s 2015 Strategic Plan champions innovative teaching and learning, student collaboration, student-centered learning, and the creation of a STEAM program. The Peck Promise campaign furthers these goals by creating spaces for design thinking and complex problem solving, building state-of-the-art science labs, and co-locating and connecting classrooms across disciplines.

A great many of The Peck School’s foundational approaches to education will never change. We continue to shape students who engage with timeless books and embrace the mysteries of mathematics, who appreciate art and make music, and who are as intrigued by ancient Roman history as modern pop culture.

We also seek to meet today’s young minds where they are—immersed in an information age when no fact is more than a few keystrokes away. We must equip our students with an array of modern skills they need to negotiate the demands of an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

The Peck Promise Campaign creates adaptive, connected instructional spaces to promote engaged, active learning across the board.

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  • Enhanced early learning settings

    Completed in Summer 2017, our light-filled, color-infused Kindergarten includes versatile classrooms, welcoming common areas, and outdoor learning spaces to ensure our youngest students thrive as collaborative thinkers, hands-on learners, and problem solvers—from their first days at Peck.
  • Modern maker spaces

    Our Idea & Design Lab, completed in the fall of 2017, provides aspiring designers and engineers at every grade level with the tools they need to move masterfully from concept to prototype—from markerboards and Lego bases for our lower-school students to laser cutters, 3-D printers, and sewing and soldering stations for upper schoolers.
  • A place to reflect and serve

    A new Individual Development and Community Responsibility (InDeCoRe) Center strengthens community ties and promotes engaged citizenship through expanded service learning opportunities. Students will utilize the space to meet for themes classes, hold ethics discussions and workshops, perform mindfulness work, and stage InDeCoRe community service projects.
  • Well-earned elbow room

    We designed the 7th & 8th Grade Commons to inspire camaraderie, promote leadership, and honor the accomplishments of our oldest students. Here, seventh and eighth graders can continue classroom discussions, work together on increasingly complex coursework, cement bonds of friendship, and savor the autonomy and freedom they have earned.
  • Cutting-edge science for all

    By its completion in 2019, our STEAM wing will create space for subject-based clustering of classrooms—co-locating science labs, math classrooms, and the wood shop, and nestling our new robotics lab beside art classrooms—all to create greater opportunities for cross-curricular projects and team teaching. Ultimately, the campaign will result in new science classrooms for all of our students from K-8, including state-of-the-art upper school labs in the Eckert-Huff building and the Kirby Lower School science lab expansion, to support continually evolving experiments and truly transformative instructional technologies.
  • The library for tomorrow—today

    In the fall of 2018 we opened a reimagined Higgins Library, where students can relax or research, and where teachers can forge clearer, more powerful connections between active learning and engaged reading.
  • Open-air music education

    In spring 2018 we broke ground on our innovative music terrace, an outdoor rehearsal space and amphitheater where student musicians can hone their techniques and hear their notes resonating through the open air.

Andy Delinsky, Head of School

This campaign's roots grow right out of our academic and community programs, which have defined Peck for more than a century. And it feeds right back into and nourishes these programs for generations to come.

Questions?  To find out how you can be part of The Peck Promise Campaign, contact Lauren Spirig, Campaign Director, at 973-539-8660 x135 or

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