Our donors and their reasons for giving

The Peck School has always been a collective effort—one in which every student, every family, every educator, and every donor plays a critical role.

That unifying sense of mission endures to this day. Even in the midst of this campaign for our future, a foundational loyalty spurs on a new generation of teachers and learners, builders and dreamers, supporters and stewards—all of whom pour their time, talent, and treasure into sustaining Peck.

Our donors to The Peck Promise Campaign are deeply committed, and fully engaged members of the Peck family, with unique stories that reveal both why they chose this school and how this school has helped to shape who they and their families are today. In the spirit of getting to know each other just a little bit better, here are their Peck stories:

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  • A Donor's Story: Zheng Song-Decker and Nick Decker

    For current parents Zheng Song-Decker and Nick Decker, The Peck School is so much greater than the sum of its physical parts. In their words: It is a place where young dreams and aspirations come to grow and thrive—for life!  Read their story.
  • A Donor's Story: Hetty and Achilles Kintiroglou

    Family ties and a strong sense of community are resonant with Hetty and Achilles Kintiroglou; inspiring the values they model for their children, as well as their support for all that The Peck Promise aspires to accomplish. Read their story.
  • A Donor's Story: Sarah and James Heck

    Current Parents Sarah and James Heck share how their deep belief in the power of a strong educational foundation has inspired them to support The Peck Promise campaign, and by extension, the family they've found at The Peck School. Read their story.
  • A Donor's Story: Jim Cross

    Upper School Teacher Jim Cross shares his excitement for how he sees The Peck Promise campaign building upon Peck's solid traditions. Read his story.
  • A Donor's Story: Julie and Thomas Bliemel

    The strong sense of family and community at The Peck School resonated with the Bliemels, who were both raised by parents with a commitment to charitable giving, church, and community. Read their story.

  • A Donor's Story: Annette Worthington

    Past Parent and Peck's Admissions Counselor Annette Worthington traces the roots of her family's enduring belief in the power of education back to the Great Depression.  Read her story.

We extend our sincerest thanks to the following donors, who have made our plans reality through their generosity.

Ann and Richard Abbott
Carter '89 and Red Abbott
Kimberly Apgar
Tee Atkins
Jane Attah and Karl Possible
Lauren and Hayden Baker
Jeff and Melissa Bartoli
Scott Beil
Nancy and Ronald Bendelius
Liz and Ron Benitez
BeSiTe Foundation (c/o Drs. Swati and Jai Parekh)
Helen Biffin
Julie and Thomas Bliemel
Guy and Stefanie Bolton
Kirstyn and Jim Bonetti
Holly and Norman Brown
Jean and Barrett Brown
Katherine Bruno
David Bucchino
Christopher Byrne
Kathleen and Bret Budenbender
Ariadna Biete Ribas and Victor Bulto Carulla
Kristin and Mark Bush
Karla and William Calder
Lorraine Callaghan
Jess and Tom Carbeau
David Carlo
Chelsey Carr
Laura Caruso
Julie Casola
Emily and Finn Caspersen
Erin Ceder
Virgina and Shawn Cepeda
Claire Chamberlain
Sarah Chan and Philip Sim
Jennifer Cleary
Stephanie and Russell Colaco
Lee Collik
Elizabeth Collins
Keeneh and Robert Comizio
Timothy Cooney
Nicole and Sean Crawford
Brian and Tiffany Crosby
John and Joan Crosby
Colette and Jim Cross
Michele and Simon de Burgh Codrington
The Cutler, Freeman, Niles, Thurlow, & Griswold Families
John Dana '69
Zheng Song-Decker and J. Nicholas Decker
Andrew and Julie Delinsky
Barbara and Stephen Delinsky
Lauren and Edward DelPriore
Florence DeMarzo
Kristen and Joseph DiPasquale
Karen Dispenziere
Ricardo Dixon
Molly Donnelly
Chris and Sylvie Downey
The Dubel Family
Lorena and Edward Eaton
Catrin and Gregg Edell
Rania Makki and Mahmoud Elassir
Genny Elias-Warren
F.M. Kirby Foundation
Amanda and Robert Falk
Mary Faugno
Janine Finnegan
Wanda Fiorini
Amy and James Fleming
The Foley Family
Jennifer and Alan Fournier
Virginia and Rodney Frelinghuysen
Jennifer and Fenwick Garvey
Susan and David Gibbons
Kathleen and Jim Gilbert 
Kevin Grieshaber
Jason Guss
Sarah and James Heck
Sheila and David Hepp
Richard and Catherine Herbst
Lauri and Michael Herman
Jennifer Hogan
Nina and Todd Hohman
Kimberly and Daniel Honeker
Mia and Eion Hu
Christie Huang and Bau Fu
Hyde and Watson Foundation
Elizabeth and Rocco Iossa
Robert and Laurie Jacobs
Carlos Jara
Roland Juliano
Jonathan and Kori Kalafer
Susan Kratina and Rajiv Kamilla
Julia and Seth Kanowitz
Elizabeth and Andrew Kapp
Michael Karosen
Donald Kearney
Alyssa Keenan
David Kennedy
Sue and Philip Kim '90
Adrienne and Dillard Kirby '73
Achilles and Hetty Kintiroglou
The Klehm Family
Carrie and Brad Kurtzman
LeeAnne and Richard Lan
Elizabeth LaRosa
Jean Li and Edgar Cheng
Sharon Li and James Mau
JeanAnn Morgan-Liftin and Alan Liftin
Susan Longenecker
Colleen Loughman
Timothy Loveday
Christine LoVerde
Eileen and Scott Lowry
Fumie and Gene Luer
The Lyon Family
Patti and Morgan Lytle
Anne '72 and Tom MacCowatt
Katie and Patrick Machir
Mary Kate and Christopher MacVicar
Jacynthe Mailly
Genevieve and Matthew Mallgrave
Lacey and Matt Malloy
Kay Malone
Ann Marie and Marc Manahan
Gail and Paul Mandel
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Scott Marsh III
Michael and Beth Mastrangelo
Allison and Matthew McMahon
Kristin and Kevin McPherson 
Heather and Bruce Medd
Christina and Keith Melchionni
Maribel and Bradley Mohr
Patricia and Joseph Moore
Irene and Mark Mortensen
Tyler Moseley
Jennifer and Frederick Moss
Elizabeth Muller
Joan Smith Myers
Christa and Charles Nees
Kirsten and Stephen Neville
Sally Noyes
In Young Oh
Julie O'Rourke
Operation Recognition (Diebold Center Naming Initiative Donors)
Gay Hartranft Osborn '66 and Family
Carol and Souren Ouzounian
Amy Papandreou
Kerry and Prat Patel
Peck Parents Association
Janet and J.D. Pearce
Antonia and Rob Pelaez
Katarina and Mike Pendy
Tracy (Meerwarth) Pester '88 and Scott Pester
Jim and Jeanne Petrucci
Madonna Pidgeon
Sara and Andy Pirtle
Carlene and John Pruitt
Liz and Tom Pryma
Kristen and Patrick Ramsey
Melissa and Peter Ramsey
Shannon and Sean Riley
The Rogers Family
Roxiticus Foundation
Sara Ruark
Anton and Laura Sahazizian
Asako Sakae and Wayne Lee
Susan and Michael Santomassimo
Nicole and Paul Saphier
Daisy and Thomas Savage
Virginia P. Savage ‘05
Andrew Schneider
Karen and Fred Schnur
Sasha Schreiner
Bruce Schwartz
Beverly Segal
Katherine Seitz
Pragati and Mihir Shah
Suba and Suken Shah
Nina and Rakesh Sharma
Ellis '82 and Peter Siedem
Arianne and Robert Sikora
Alison and Charles Sorrentino
Adam Spadafora
Lauren Spirig
Christopher Starr
Jeanine Yacenda-Steenberg and Matthew Steenberg
Patricia Colbert and Russell Steenberg
Zan Struebing
Suzanne Sweeney
Adriana Sykora and Daniel Deicas
Jennifer and David Thomas
Carolyn Vallario
Kate and Todd Van Cleef
Melinda and Jaime Vieser
Erin and Chris Weaver
Casey and Mark Wells
Lisa and David Welsh
Kim and Finn Wentworth
Michele and Stewart Wilkinson
Christine Williams
Erin Wolters
Annette and John Worthington
Dennis Yanoski
Kristin and Troy Young
Megan and Erik Young
Susan Yuhas

The Don Diebold Center for Sportsmanship and Athletics (Leadership Donors)

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bellis Jr. '67
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Dana '69
Mr. and Mrs. R. Kelly Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Gilfillan
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Higgins III
Mr. and Mrs. E. Burke Ross Jr. '65
Edmund B. Ross III '00
Dana T. Ross '98
Charlotte Ross Canet '02
Allyson Ross-Pachios '91
Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Storms
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brian Thebault
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Goal $12,000,000.00
Current $11,471,369.00
Remaining $528,631.00
We are thrilled to be well on our way to goal, thanks to the visionary members of our community who have already pledged their support to the Peck Promise.

Questions?  Click here to find out how you can be part of The Peck Promise campaign, or contact Lauren Spirig, Campaign Director, at 973-539-8660 x135 or lspirig@peckschool.org.

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